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Cafeteria Policies & Procedures

Cafeteria Policies & Procedures

STUDENTS ACCOUNTS – PIN numbers remain the same each year.  All new students will be issued a PIN number and will use that number to access their account.  Parents may request a detailed print-out of student accounts at any time.  Restrictions may be requested on your child’s account.
MEAL PRICING 2021-2022

                                                Breakfast              Lunch

Full Price (PK – 4th)                FREE                   FREE

Full Price (5th – 12th)               FREE                  FREE


PAYMENT OPTIONS – Prepayments are encouraged, weekly, monthly, etc.  Payments made by check are preferred and are recorded in your child’s account by check number.  Students are not allowed to cash checks.  The entire check amount will be deposited into the student’s account.  Students may make payments anytime in the cafeteria office, lunch or breakfast line.


High School Students: NO CHARGING WILL BE ALLOWED. ALL MEALS ARE FREE. Students may not charge any ala carte items.

Students in grades Pre K-8 NO CHARGING WILL BE ALLOWED. ALL MEALS ARE FREE. Students may not charge any ala carte items.


Per TDA regulations all parents/guardians of students must be notified of the current charge policy.

Special Needs

If your child is in need of a special diet relating to a medical condition, please contact the Director of Child Nutrition.  Substitutions can be made to meals if it is required by doctor’s orders.  Substitutions based on a child’s personal likes and dislikes will not be made.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please call Heather Brink, Director of Child Nutrition at 853-9349.

Family Access

Family access is a web-based information center designed to allow parents to view their student’s grades, attendance, class schedule, health record, food service records, emergency contact information and much more. It is available 24/7 over a secure internet connection.

You will be able to view what your child eats for breakfast & lunch each day and view their account balance.
You must sign up in person at your child’s school for a unique login & password. If you have students at more than one school – only one registration is necessary. With one easy login, you can view all of your children’s information.

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