Central UIL Success

Central is blessed with dedicated, hard-working academic coaches and fantastic, hard-working students.
Baylor Young scored 405 on the Regional Accounting con-test.  NO ONE in any contest from any 1A to any 6A school touched 400 points. That kind of result is not just talent:  that is talent plus lots of hours of serious studying. 
Now the results:
Accounting, coached by Chad Nash: 
1st place team (Baylor Young, Cody Doyle, Carson Davis, and Cece Hurtado). 
1st place Baylor Young
2nd place Cody Doyle
4th place Carson Davis
13th place CeCe Hurtado (freshman)
Mathematics, coached by Chance Nash:
1st place Baylor Young
2nd place team at Regional (Baylor Young, Temitayo Odunuga, Cody Doyle, and Alyson Watson)
Number Sense, coached by Chad Nash
5th place Baylor Young
Literary Criticism, coached by Donna Cook
2nd place Tyler Hance
5th place Savannah Young (freshman)
7th place Brent Barber
2nd place team at Regional (Tyler Hance, Savannah Young, Brent Barber, and Makala Davis) 
Although these students didn't qualify for State, they qualified for Regional contests. Each was a pleasure to travel with, and each of them was a serious, hard-working competitor:
Emmanuel Guerrero, number sense
Zach Randall, number sense
Kristie Wright, computer science (coached by Travis Squyres)
Michael McGaughey, computer science
Janie Arriola, science (coached by Charlotte Adams)
Baylor Young (coached by Travis Squyers) placed 5th in Computer Science out of the whole Region--besting 29 other Regional computer science competitors. 
Baylor, Cody, Carson, Cece, Tyler are going to State on May 3-5. Just qualifying for State opens a source of $1 million-worth of college scholarships unavailable to anyone else in the State. 
Every Elementary and Junior High UIL coach who has coached any of these competitors is to be congratulated.
These success stories are Central success stories.  
Every teacher they have ever had has a hand in their success this past weekend!  Teach on!