Safety Measures

C.I.S.D would like to take time to assure our families that our district and schools have multiple school safety measures in place to handle future challenges pertaining to school safety. Over the last several years, the district has made a significant investment in school safety features including a school resource officer (SRO) and security guard, secure entry access controls on all campuses, perimeter fencing around our campuses, new intercom system, and additional cameras have been added as well. Also, Central ISD is part of the Region 7 Educational Service Center Safety Cooperative, which recently completed their independent safety audit of all campuses and district facilities. Just two weeks ago, the Burke Center provided staff training to help identify mental health issues in students. In the world that we live in, being able to provide early intervention and support to students dealing with difficult life issues is critical to the overall health and safety of our schools. Our district has specific protocols for entry to our campuses, and we appreciate the understanding of our parents as we enforce these protocols for the safety of our children. In addition to safety procedures and plans, we believe it’s important to know our students by building positive relationships, as well as a culture of safety and trust. We want all of our students to know that they are safe, valued, cared for and loved. Our teachers and support staff are constantly on duty and in the hallways monitoring and encouraging students. Please take time to listen to your child about their concerns and reinforce the positives.  

Below are comments made by the Region 7 Safety Audit Team:

Central High School/Central Junior High

The positive atmosphere on this campus is evident immediately. Signs and banners on the walls, displays of student work, and positive rapport between students and teachers contribute to this atmosphere. Access control on a campus is always a concern, and having only one official point of entry into the campus definitely aids in controlling access. Because of the nature of the layout of the campuses, the district has decided to secure the perimeter instead of securing each individual building.

Central Elementary

As with the High School and Junior High campuses, the positive atmosphere on this campus was palpable. Encouraging signs and banners on the walls, along with positive interactions between teachers and students all contribute to a positive culture and climate. Separate entrances for car riders and buses aids traffic flow and congestion. A great job is done keeping the exterior doors on this campus locked, making the main entrance the only way in. Electronic locks and having to be “buzzed-in” to the main foyer and into the classroom hallways makes it a very secure environment for the students. - Region 7 Safety Audit comments